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In today's competitive landscape, business changes like mergers and acquisitions are more common. This makes it essential that your AWS cloud environment aligns closely with core business goals as they evolve. Misalignment results in wasted spend and lost productivity. Outdated IT systems that don't support new initiatives after a merger lead to inefficiency. By optimizing your cloud strategy for updated priorities post-merger, you can maximize business performance.

BeCloud's Well-Architected Reviews analyze your current AWS infrastructure and workloads to identify optimization opportunities tailored to your most important business objectives.

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AWS Optimized for your Goals

Cost Efficiency Icon

Cost Efficiency

Reduced AWS costs in non-essential areas to improve profit margins.

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Resource Optimization

By right-sizing, automating, and optimizing resources, we align your cloud infrastructure with true business needs to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

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Data Security & Compliance

Enhanced security and compliance for customer data protection.

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Operational Excellence

Enhance business agility. Our reviews guarantee operational consistency and scalability.

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Performance & Reliability

Increased systems availability. Improved application performance to drive higher customer satisfaction.

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Case Study: Legal Firm Aligns Cloud to Business Goals

One of our legal clients was facing misalignment between their AWS environment and business priorities after a major merger. Much of their cloud spend no longer supported key objectives.

Our Approach

Our experts conducted a comprehensive Well-Architected Review, analyzing their workloads, infrastructure, and goals. We recommended leveraging Docker, open source software, and rightsizing to optimize their environment.

Results Achieved

By realigning their cloud to strategic business initiatives, BeCloud reduced the client's AWS costs by 50% while improving remote access and implementing other features like enterprise search critical for their attorneys.

The client was extremely pleased with the results. As one managing partner put it, "Our expectations were high, BeCloud exceeded them!"

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